Apple TV Remote Not Working – Fix Issue

Is your Apple TV remote not working? Do you need to have it fixed? If your answer is yes, then this is the right article for you. Apple TV is a great source of leisure.

Its remotes are in different versions, it depends on the model of Apple TV you own. With your Apple TV remote, you can control your TV from the comfort of your chair or couch. So, you must fix it when it has issues.

Apple TV Remote Not Working - Fix Issue

If the Apple TV does not turn on when you press the remote control, you will need to ensure that the remote does not need to be recharged.

The remote control does not have a battery-level indicator, so you may have missed the low battery pop-up on the Apple TV screen. You must ensure your remote battery is not low before you think of fixing any issue.

Apple TV Remote Not Working or Responding

If your Apple TV remote not working or responding may be a result of the following.

  • Apple TV remote not being charged may cause it not to work.
  • Obstructions between your TV and its remote control will also result in it not working.
  • If your TV is out of range, it will also cause it not to work properly.
  • An outdated iOS will result in Apple’s TV remote not working.
  • Also, an underlying software that needs to be fixed will cause your remote not to work.

These reasons given above may cause your Apple TV remote not to work well, so you will have to sort out these issues.

How to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Working?

The process of how you can fix your Apple TV remote when it is not working is very easy. The methods of fixing your apple TV remote are listed below. Scroll down to read.

  1. Charge the Apple Remote.
  2. Clean your Remote.
  3. Restart Apple TV.
  4. Remove anything obstructing your TV and Remote.
  5. Contact Apple Support.

1. Charge the Apple Remote

An Apple TV remote with a low battery can make the remote stop functioning. This implies that you will have to charge your remote control.

To do this, you must charge it using the cable that came with it. You also have the remote directly from a power source and not through another device.

2. Clean Your Remote

You should try cleaning your Apple TV remote with isopropyl alcohol and a Q-Tip (cotton swab) if it does not work properly. Rub alcohol on a lint-free cloth if cotton swaps are not available, then wipe your remote’s buttons in a circular motion.

Also, you must clean all the edges of the buttons, mainly if they are stuck or feel sticky. Wipe all the surfaces of the remote. Do this using a microfiber cloth after you have cleaned the buttons.

3. Restart Apple TV

If your Apple TV remote is not working, you will have to restart your Apple TV. Restarting your TV will help refresh the setting and this will in turn help your remote control. You should do these when your remote control is not working for reasons you know not.

To restart your TV, you will have to do it manually by removing it from the power source. This will turn off your TV and all its applications will restart afresh.

Wait for a little while before you connect your TV to power again. Then wait for about 10 seconds before you try your remote control.

4. Remove Anything Obstructing Your TV and Remote

There may be something obstructing the signal between your TV and remote control. So, when your TV’s remote is not working, you must remove anything blocking the TV from receiving the signal from your remote.

5. Apple TV Remote Not Working, Contact Apple Support

If after trying all the above-listed methods of fixing your Apple TV, it still did not work, you will have to contact Apple support. Apple support will give you instructions on you can fix your remote, after you have relayed the issue to them.

When the instruction given does not work, the Apple team can then fix your remote or they can get you a replacement. You will not be required to make any payment for the fixing of your remote control. This is due to the warranty that comes with the TV and remote.

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