How do I Cancel my Just Eat Order?

What to do when you just order on Just Eat and want to Cancel it?

If you just made an order with Just Eat, and you notice it is not the right order. You need to cancel it as soon as possible. It is because the Restaurant might have seen your order, and would have started the preparation of your meal. Also, they might have finished with your meal and have assigned it to a delivery driver.

How do I Cancel my Just Eat Order?

How to Cancel your Just Eat Order

You can easily cancel an order immediately after you ordered and if the restaurant hasn’t seen it. Here is how you can do it;

For Delivery and Collection Orders

  • Navigate to the Order details page.

On the page, you will see “Can we Help with anything” click on it. There you will see the option to cancel your order. Click on the “Cancel Order” button.

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Will I be Charged for Cancelling my Order?

When you place an order and the order has been processed, and you canceled it there is a fee for cancellation. You might be charged the full amount of the order value or less if you cancel your Just Eat order.

So, the best time to cancel an order is when you just place it, to avoid being charged. The reason why customers are charged for canceling an order is that your order might already be processed.

How do I Cancel an Order Placed on a Guest Account?

You need to make sure you are making use of the same browser you used to place an order to check out the order as a guest. The step for order cancellation, is the same steps above, as you would use on a standard account.

How can I Change my Order?

Note, it does not guarantee that you can change a placed order which has been accepted. It is because the Restaurant must have already started preparing your meal and would have assigned it to a delivery driver.

Also, you can try out the restaurant’s phone number, if it is available you can ask them to try to amend your order for you. Or you can just instead cancel it, but note there is a fee that comes with a cancellation of an order.

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