What Time Does Long John Silver Breakfast Start, Stops or End

If you are interested in knowing What time Long John Silver breakfast ends, this is the right article to read. Long John Silver is known for its premium quality seafood at an affordable price, it offers extraordinary value to its customers. If you are looking for a delicious and healthy breakfast, then Long John Silver’s is the best choice.

What Time Does Long John Silver Breakfast Start, Stops or End

They aim to bring great-tasting, sustainably-caught seafood to all the people who are not able to be near an ocean every day of their life. But you can only partake in their breakfast menu if you know when they start serving and when they end. This has made a lot of people ask “What Time Does Long John Silver Breakfast End”.

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Long John Silver breakfast hours are quite standard. There may be a difference in times at your local restaurant, but it may be due to unexpected occurrences. However, every Long John Silver uses the exact time, making it very easy to remember. They start serving breakfast by 10:30 am and stop at noon.

Long John Silver

Long John Silver is also known as LJS. It is a seafood fast food restaurant that is based in the United States. There are about 1,200 Long John Silver’s restaurants worldwide. Their prices are quite different from other fast food restaurants because they mainly sell meals and not individual items.

But they do have some individual items for sale. So if you want to feed your entire family, especially a family that loves seafood, then you should try out Long John Silver. Their prices are affordable for family meals.

Long John Silver Breakfast Hours

LJS breakfast hour is the same during weekdays and weekends. They serve breakfast on Monday to Sunday from 10:30 AM to Noon.

When Does Long John Silver Start Serving Breakfast

LJS does not open early in the morning as other restaurants. They start serving breakfast at 10:30 AM across the week.

Does Long John Silver serve Breakfast all-day

Long John Silver does not serve breakfast all day in their restaurant. Breakfast is served from 10:30 am to noon. But if you happen to miss breakfast, you can grab some tasty Long John Silver’s menu items under Long John Silver’s all-day menu, which is available throughout the day.

When Does Long John Silver Stop Serving Breakfast

Long John Silver stops serving breakfast at Noon every day. So if you want some tasty Long John Silver’s breakfast menu, you should get to the restaurant on time before they stop serving breakfast.

Also if you are planning to visit any of their restaurants, ensure you check Long John Silver’s Breakfast Hours for your particular location to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

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Long John Silver Breakfast Menu

Starting your day with a breakfast from Long John Silver’s is a great idea because you will find an array of tasty dishes to fill your appetite on the Menu. Long John Silver offers a wonderful selection of breakfast Menus. Here is a list of its Breakfast Menu.

  • Fish Sandwich Combo.
  • Chicken Sandwich Combo.
  • Super Sampler Platter.
  • 2 Fish & 6 Shrimp Platter.
  • 2 Fish, Chicken & 3 Shrimp Platter.
  • 2 Fish & 3 Chicken Platter.
  • Fish & 2 Chicken Meal.
  • 8 Shrimp Meal.
  • 8 Pcs., 2 Family Sides, and 8 Hushpuppies.
  • 12 Pcs., 3 Family Sides, and 12 Hushpuppies.
  • 16 Pcs., 4 Family Sides, and 16 Hushpuppies.
  • 2 Cod Meal.
  • Clams Meal.
  • Cod & Shrimp Platter.
  • 2 Fish Tacos Combo.
  • 3 Chicken Meal.
  • 2 Fish Meal.
  • Fish & Chicken Combo.
  • 6 Shrimp Combo.
  • 2 Chicken Combo.
  • 2 Fish Combo.

Listed above is a compiled list of Long John Silver’s breakfast menu.

Long John Silver Breakfast Hours Near Me

If you are searching for LJS breakfast hours near you, then you should use the store locator on their website. Visit their page, then enter your zip code or city and state department to find out the nearest location close to you. When you find a location, click on it to see the LJS hours of operation.

Long John Silver Customer Service

If you have any questions on Long John Silver breakfast, you can check out its official website – www.ljsilvers.com. Also, you can use its store locator on its website to check for any of its restaurants close to you and you can also order your favourite breakfast menu online.

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