PayPal App – Download and Install the PayPal App

PayPal is no doubt, one of the most renowned and secured online payment platforms that enable its customers to send, receive and perform various transactions. People no longer need to visit the bank or carry a huge amount of money around as you can easily and conveniently perform all your transactions with PayPal using the app or website (

PayPal App – Download and Install the PayPal App

Just like other online payment platforms, PayPal also provides its customers with a mobile app to enable them to access their accounts right from their smartphone. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can send and receive funds to your friend, family, and loves ones on the go via the PayPal Mobile App.

Besides, the PayPal App is compatible with both android and iOS users. You can either sign up or login to your PayPal account using the app on your device. It is safe, fast, and easier to use compared to the website.

Also, you can shop for items from any online store that accept PayPal and quickly make a transfer via the mobile application. If you don’t have the PayPal Mobile App on your device, then you definitely need to download it today.

How to Download the PayPal App on my Mobile Devices

The PayPal Mobile App can be downloaded and installed on your smartphones in as much as PayPal is available in your region or country. You can download the app in Canada, the UK, the USA, Nigeria, and other parts of the world in which PayPal is accepted.

The app has earlier mentioned is compatible or can be downloaded on your iOS and Android devices. To download and install the app on your respective devices follow the step-by-step method below.

Download and Install PayPal on Android Devices

  • Open your Google Play Store
  • Search for the PayPal App using the Search engine
  • Tap on the app icon once found
  • Click on the install button
  • The app will immediately start downloading
  • Once downloaded, open the app on your android device.

Download and Install PayPal App on iOS devices

  • Open your App Play Store
  • Tap on the search engine, and search for the PayPal App
  • Click on the app icon once found
  • Tap on the Get button
  • The PayPal app will start downloading on your device
  • Once successfully downloaded, install and open the app on your iOS device.

Now that you have downloaded the PayPal App on your android or iOS devices, you can proceed to login or sign up for an account with the service.

Commonly Asked Questions about the PayPal App

Why should I download the PayPal app?

There are so many reasons why you should consider downloading the PayPal App. Aside from the fact that the app enables you to send and receive funds to your friends, family, business partner, and loves ones.

With the app, you can access your PayPal balance and also monitor and manage your account as well as track your spending. It also allows you to support and donate to charity organizations with ease.

You can request money from a friend or family member and personalize your account with stickers, emojis, animation, and more. In the US and other parts of the world, you can use the PayPal App to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency.

It even allows you to checkout using crypto from any online Marchant that accepts crypto payment. With all these reasons and many more, you need to download the app now.

Is the PayPal App safe to use?

Yes!!!  The PayPal App is completely safe and secure to make use of. Your data and financial details are well secured and it won’t be exposed to other users. It has commercially available encryption with advanced fraud protection.

In addition, there is a 24/7 fraud monitoring transaction to make sure your account is safe and free from third-party access. The App is 100% safe to download and use on your android and iOS devices.

Is PayPal Mobile App free?

Yes!!!  PayPal Mobile App is free to download on both your Android and iOS devices. You won’t be charged a dime while trying to download the app from Google Play or the App Store. You can download the app for free sign up o login to your account for free.

In the US, you can send funds to your friends and family and also fund your PayPal account for free. However, people from other regions or parts of the world will be required to pay a lot of fees to send money to their friends and family within or outside their country. Data charges also apply but the app is free to download and free to use in some parts of the world.

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