Protect PC from Hackers – Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Protect PC from Hackers; In a world where the majority of our personal information is stored in laptops and smartphones. The issue of cyber theft and extortion is occurring more than ever. We can no longer overlook the risks we encounter whenever we use our computers or smartphones.

Protect PC from Hackers - Protect Your Computer from Viruses

If you have been searching for ways and steps to protect your PC from hackers, then search no more because this article contains all you need to know about cyber security.

You do not need to be a cybersecurity expert to learn how to protect your PC safe from hackers. You can protect your Pc or Computer from hackers or viruses with the right software and correct steps.

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What are Computer Hackers?

Computer hackers are unauthorized users who aim at gaining access to computer systems in order to steal, change or destroy personal, and business information by installing harmful malware without the consent of the owner.

How to Protect your PC from Hackers

Before we talk about securing your pc from hackers online, the physical security of your device cannot be overemphasized. These are the steps in making sure your PC is protected from hackers.

Use Strong Password and Trusted Password Manager

Ensure that you enabled a very strong password known to only you on your PC to avoid unauthorized access to your device. In case you forget your passwords, use a trusted password manager to manage your online credentials.

An example of this is the inbuilt password manager in Google Chrome. This enables you to retrieve passwords whenever you are logged into your Google account.

Do not connect to unknown networks.

Many of us have developed the habit of connecting to free Wi-Fi in public places. In some of these networks, hackers can gain access to information when you connect your PC to these unknown networks.

Always Encrypt Data Where Possible

This is the process of scrambling your data so that it cannot be read or accessed without the proper key. Encryption is very important in order to secure your data and prevent hackers from accessing any of your information. You can encrypt your hard drive using software like BitLocker.

VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network helps to encrypt your internet traffic and also disguise your identity online. Using a VPN makes it difficult for third-party networks to track your activities and collect data without permission.

Ignore spam emails

Just like the way we do not talk to strangers and do not open emails from unknown people. You need to avoid opening attachments and links sent by them.

So you need to be more careful when scrolling through your emails and you bump into strange mail, make sure not to open them to minimize the risks of being a victim of hacking.

Use Two-factor Authentication where Possible

Some firms like Google, Facebook, Apple, WhatsApp, and Microsoft allow users to use the two-factor authentication feature. The two-factor verification simply allows you to add another password to secure your account. Using two-factor authentication makes your account more secure from hackers and outsiders.

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Update your apps often

Updates are usually to improve software flaws and weaknesses that have been spotted in the app. Hackers usually focus on exploring the vulnerability of software so it is important to install updates when prompted by the app developers. To make things easier enable automatic updates of apps on your device settings.

Install an anti-spyware package

Spyware is a software specially designed to gather personal or business data from a user’s computer and sell it to third parties without their consent. It is designed to be difficult to detect and get rid of. Installing anti-spyware focuses to get rid of spyware and provides protection by scanning all information coming into your PC.

Use a firewall

Some operating systems like Windows and macOS have inbuilt firewalls on PCs.  A Firewall is a network security feature that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic based on preset security rules. It alerts you when there is an intrusion attempt into your network.

Shut down your PC

Shutting down your PC is very important to avoid unauthorized access to your device.  Running your PC all the time even when it’s not in use not only destroys the system performance but also makes it easy for hackers to attack your computer.

How to Protect Your Computer from Viruses

Our computers are prone to be attacked by viruses and malware that pose potential harm and damage to our personal and business data stored on your device. If you are in need of ways to protect your device from viruses you should read this section to the end.

  • The first step to protecting your computer from viruses is to install an antivirus program on your device. There are lots of antivirus programs available for download with varying payment plans. Anti-virus programs scan USB sticks and other storage devices to ensure they are not infected or corrupted with Viruses.
  • Always have a backup for data stored on your computer. Sometimes a virus becomes hard to delete when this happens, you might need to format your hard drive to remove the virus. Having a backup helps to recover any lost data whenever situations like this occur.
  • Mind the websites and documents you download from the internet. Some websites can be filled with malware with the intention to spread to the public. If a download that was not authorized by you starts, you should stop it immediately and exit the webpage as it might have more malicious programs.
  • Develop the habit of running a virus scan regularly on your system. This will enable you to prevent and notice malicious software on your PC early and take action.
  • Do not open links from unknown sources. Opening unknown links can expose your device to dangerous malware and viruses.

Protecting your computer from viruses and other dangerous programs is not a difficult task to perform as long as you are cautious while surfing the internet.

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Can Windows Defender stop hackers?

Windows defender is very good at detecting dangerous malware software, and files, and detecting network-based attacks. Windows Defender is inbuilt with Windows 10 and is free for PCs using the Windows 10 operating system.

Is Windows 10 safer than Windows 7?

Windows 10 is three times safer than Windows 7. This is because Microsoft comes together to create the Windows 10 operating system to improve on the shortcomings of the previous windows versions.

 Is Windows 10 security enough?

Windows 10 has an inbuilt malware defender called Windows defender and is good enough to protect your PC from malware infections.

Do I need an antivirus if I have Windows Defender?

Windows Defender automatically scans emails, clouds, and apps for possible cyber threats but Windows Defender lacks endpoint security so you might need to acquire another antivirus program.

Is Microsoft Defender good enough for 2022?

Microsoft defender is also called Windows defender and contains all the security features that help protect your device in 2022 due to the constant updates, and improvements by Microsoft.

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