Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working – Fix Issue

Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working. The Samsung TV remote is a device that enables the TV user to comfortably control their device without having to move from one place to another. So, when your Samsung Smart TV Remote stops Working, it can become frustrating because you will have trouble controlling the basic functions of your TV. Therefore, you need to have it fixed immediately.

Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working - Fix Issue

Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working Properly

There are quite a few reasons why your Samsung smart TV remote may not be working properly. We are going to be listing a few possible reasons. If your remote issue falls into any of these categories, then you will be able to fix it by following the procedures we will be giving.

  • Your remote batteries not functioning will cause it not to work properly.
  • If your TV remote is not paired, it will not work well.
  • Your TV remote sensor not working will cause your remote not to work well.
  • If your remote pointer is not working properly, it will not work.
  • When there is an object blocking the front of the TV’s receiver, your remote will not work.
  • Also, if there is a problem with the network connection, your remote will not function properly.

These are some of the reasons why your remote control may not be working properly.

How to Fix Samsung Smart Tv Remote Not Working

If you are having issues with your TV remote, then follow these steps below to Fix your Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working.

  1. Restart if your Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working.
  2. Pair your TV remote again.
  3. Check for Obstruction.
  4. Reset your TV remote.
  5. Update Samsung TV software.

1. Restart if your Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working

To reset your Smart TV, take out the cover of your remote and remove the batteries. Then unplug your TV from the switch and wait for 60 seconds before fixing it back. After this, put your remote battery back or you can replace it with a new one.

2. Pair your TV Remote Again

Your remote control can become unpaired with your TV, hence the need to repair it again. To pair your TV remote;

  • Point it towards your powered-on TV.
  • Hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons on your remote at once for 5 seconds.
  • Your TV would start to pair with your remote and sync together.
  • When they have been synched, try the remote by trying some of the menu commands.

This is how to pair your TV remote.

3. Check for Obstruction

Obstruction between your remote and TV may cause your Samsung TV remote not to work, so you need to check for obstruction. And if you notice an obstruction, move your remote to a different location or point it directly at the TV’s sensor.

4. Reset your TV Remote

To reset your TV remote, you should try removing the batteries from your remote, and holding the power button of your remote for 60 seconds. This process will erase any residual power stored in the remote. Then you can put the batteries back. If possible, replace the old batteries.

5. Update Samsung TV Software

Your Samsung TV needs to be updated from time to time. Some of the updates are done automatically, while some require you to do it manually. If your software is not updated, it may cause your remote and TV not to function well, so you need to check your TV and if its software is not updated, you will have to update it. To update it;

  • Navigate to the Settings option from your TV’s Main Menu screen.
  • Choose the Software Updates and Network options.
  • If a pending update appears, manually choose to install it now.
  • And when the update is installed, your TV will restart itself.
  • Then attempt different commands to see if the problems are now fixed.

This is how to update Samsung TV software.

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