Spotify Logged me Out – How to Fix Log Me Out Issues on Spotify

Why did Spotify log me out? How can I fix Spotify logged me out issues? No doubt, Spotify is one of the best audio streaming services today. It is available on almost all mainstream devices and platforms including Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Spotify Logged me Out - How to Fix Log Me Out Issues on Spotify

At some point, you may want to listen to some music only for you to realize you were logged out of Spotify. So, you are probably wondering why you were logged out and how you can fix the issue.

Generally, the audio streaming service is used to listen to music podcasts and even standup comedies. You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to them while you run, clean, drive, exercise, and more.  But, you need to know that once in a while Spotify will log you out of your own account either on the app or the website.

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Although this is a very annoying issue to handle, it is possible to encounter a “logged me out” issue when using Spotify. However, there are many reasons why Spotify log users out of their accounts.  And in this guide, we will show you the most common reasons why Spotify logged you out and how to fix it.

Why Did My Spotify Log me Out?

Most reasons why people get logged out of Spotify are account-related. It is a sign that something is wrong with your account. In this section of the article, I will be discussing some possible reasons for the issues;

Signed in on Multiple Devices

Although users can link their account to as many devices as they like, there are times when the feature can get buggy due to multiple sign in. So, due to this, the server will log you out on some of the devices.

Another problem is that if you share your account with your friends or family. If they change the password, you will get logged out from the app or web as you have the incorrect login details.

Payment Issues

Payment issues are another reason for your Spotify account to get logged out. Sometimes you will be logged out if you don’t pay your premium subscription when it expires.  If you have not canceled your subscription, a rejected payment can be a big reason.  Another user you are sharing your account with may have canceled your subscription without your knowledge.

Problems with the Spotify Server

This is a big reason to encounter the issue anytime. A problem with the Spotify networking infrastructure or server will log you out of your account sometimes.

Account Glitch

To sign into your account, your login details must match the server’s side. In some instances, you need to update your account password to solve the log-out problems.

Spotify is Banned/Blocked in your Country

Although this is unknown to many people, there are some countries that have blocked Spotify. Based on research, there are 59 where the streaming platform is not available. If your country falls in this category, you might not be able to use the service.

Using an Outdated Spotify App

Just like other applications on your device, you need to update the Spotify app so that it can run properly. Errors like log-out problems can happen once the app is not updated to the latest version.

Sign out Everywhere Feature

If you are using a borrowed account, the owner might decide not to share the Spotify account anymore.  Then, he or she can click on the ”Sign out everywhere’’ option and change the account password. In this case, Spotify will log you out and you won’t be able to log back in. So, you might have to open your Spotify account to use the service.

Also, there is a chance that you may accidentally click on ”Sign out everywhere’’ on any of your devices and logged you out on all devices

Third-Party App Issues

Spotify has been integrated into some popular third-party apps such as Siri, Alexa, CarPlay, Apple, Android Auto, etc.  If there are compatibility problems with any of these apps you are using, there might be a chance that Spotify will log you.

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Ways to Fix Spotify Logged Me Out Issues

Now that you know all the common reasons why Spotify logged you out, you can now proceed to fix it. Below are ways you can easily fix the logged-me-out issues. Go through them individually and see the one that works best for your account.

Update Spotify App to Latest Version

First of all, it is very important for all mobile phone and desktop users to update their Spotify app. It is one of the easiest ways to prevent Spotify from logging you out. Updating sometimes contains necessary fixes to bugs that may lead to your account being randomly logged out.

However, updating your account depends on the smart device you are using.

  • For Android users; go to the Google Play store, Search for Spotify’s latest version. Tap on it once you find it and download it. After this log in with your necessary details.
  • iPhone Users; Visit the Apple App store and look for Spotify. Click on it once you find it and download the latest version. Now, log in back with your details
  • For Mac; download the latest version of app for Mac at Launch the installer and install the app on your devices. After that, log into your Spotify account and check if you are still logged out.
  • Window users; Download the latest Spotify version on their website at Then tap the keys Win + I to view window settings. Click App and features and look for the Spotify app. Now, choose Uninstall. Open the download Spotify installer to install the latest version. After you installed it, log in to your account and check if the error still exists.

Uninstall the Spotify App and Reinstall

If you have issues with the latest app, then you can try uninstalling the app from your device and reinstalling it on the device. This might solve the problems.

Check out for Spotify Website Outage

It is very possible that you cannot log in to your Spotify account due to an outage on the entire service. In this case, first, check if there is an outage on through reliable sources online like a Down detector. Their map will show whether the servers are failing.  However, if this is the case, just have some patience and try to sign in again.

Change your Password

Sometimes, you might experience glitches between the app and server once you log in with an old password. Resetting or changing the password will likely solve the problem and give your account good security.

To reset the password, just visit the official website at Log in to your account using the necessary account details. Now, click on Change password. Enter the current password, and put down the new password twice.

Then, click Set New password. Once you are done, try to log in to your account through the mobile app and see if the issue is solved.

Sign Out on All your Linked Devices

Just like I have mentioned above, you can link your account to as many devices as you wish. However, logging out from unused devices can help solve the Spotify log-out problems.  Just like other mainstream apps, Spotify also has a feature to log you out from all linked devices.

Clear the Spotify Cache & Data

If there is an error in the Spotify app’s data, then you can clear the cache and try to log in again. This is the best way to start afresh with the app without uninstalling it at all.

Contact the Spotify Support Team

The Contact Spotify support team is available for your issues and complaints. If you have any problem with your account, they can guide you and give you solutions. But if there is a common problem with many users reporting it, then they will try to fix it and update you.

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Spotify is a popular podcast streaming and online music app.  And as a big platform, it is normal for it to have issues every now and then. Either with the connectivity, playback or others.  One of the common problems is getting logged out randomly. You will be furious about why Spotify logged me out.

Hence, this article can help you solve the log-out issues. but If you are still having account issues, contact the Spotify support team for more assistance at

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