State Employees Credit Union – Register, Application, Login & Activation

State Employees Credit Union (SECU) is a nonprofit financial organization that is owned by employees of the state of North Carolina. It was founded in 1937 and is now one of the largest credit unions in the United States by asset size and number of members. The union was formed to give consumer financial services to state and public school employees along with their families.

State Employees Credit Union - Register, Application, Login & Activation

And it has been providing employees of the state of North Carolina these services for 85 years. SECU’s main objective is to provide affordable financial services to its members including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, and investment savings vehicles.

The Foundation is funded by the contributions of SECU members, and it promotes local community development in North Carolina mainly through high-impact projects in the areas of housing, education, healthcare, and human services.

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State Employees Credit Union Eligibility Requirement

To become a member of SECU, you must meet the eligibility requirements. State Employees’ Credit Union is a member-owned organization and its membership is limited to;

  • Employees of North Carolina.
  • Federal employees assigned to North Carolina agencies.
  • Employees of North Carolina public committees of education.
  • Members of the North Carolina National Guard.
  • Employees of Health, Social Services, Mental Health, and Civil Defense of North Carolina countries.
  • Employees of associations are created for the advantage of the employees of the state of North Carolina.
  • Agencies or offices whose employees are subject to the North Carolina State Personnel Act.
  • Individuals who are retired from the above employment or service as pensioners and/or annuitants. This includes old employees who are “vested” and have not withdrawn or terminated future eligibility to be a pensioner and/or annuitants.
  • Un-remarried spouses of individuals who died while in the field of membership.
  • The immediate family likes the spouse, parents, siblings, and children of a current member.
  • People share a single economic unit1 with a current member.

These are the people eligible to become a member of the State Employees Credit Union.

SECU’s Credit Card

The state employee credit union gives two different credit cards to their members. They have the platinum Visa card and the shared Secured card. These cards are essential for members who want to improve or re-establish credit. The credit cards are secured with funds held in a special SECU savings account and the number of secured funds will be equal to the credit limit of the card with limits starting at $300.

State Employees Credit Card Application Process

The application process for state employees’ credit cards is very easy. You just have to visit their official website through your web browser and then proceed with the steps below.

  • Visit the main website,
  • You will be directed to a webpage, click on Apply Now.
  • Next, enter your User ID.
  • And your Password.
  • Then tap Submit.

Note that if you forgot your password, you can click on Forgotten Password to retrieve your password.

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How to Activate Your SECU Card

If you applied for a credit card and you got it already, read below to find out how you can activate your card.

You can activate your card by calling customer service or you can do it by completing a PIN-based transaction at any Cashpoints ATM. This will enable your card to be activated automatically. There is need also to check if your contact information is correct to ensure easy activation of your card.

Sign Up for State Employees Credit Union

The process of signing up for SECU is very easy. To become a member, you will need a 16-digit ATM/Debit card number and a 3-digit voice response number. If you are interested in signing up, follow these steps below to see how you can enroll.

  • Visit the official website
  • Then tap on the Enroll Now button.
  • You will be directed to the page where you can fill in some basic information.
  • Enter your 16-digit ATM/Debit Card Number in the space provided.
  • And fill in your 3-digit voice response Number.
  • Next, enter the last 5 digits of your Social Security Number.

After you have provided this information, click on Continue to complete the remaining instructions.

State Employees Credit Union Login

If you want to log in to your account after signing up, you just have to follow the steps below and you are good to go.

  • You have to go to the official website at
  • Tap the Sign-in button at the left-hand angle of the page.
  • Then enter your User ID and your password.
  • After that, click on the Sign in bottom underneath the NC state employees credit union login page to gain access to your account.

This process above will log you into your account.

SECU Customer Service

State Employees Credit Union is usually open on Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. You should contact your local branch office if you need assistance, or if you want answers to your questions and/or concerns.

You can also contact SECU’s 24/7 Member Services at any time for most of your financial needs at (888) 732-8562.

SECU’s Self Services

As a member of the State Employees Credit Union, you can obtain account balances and/or transaction information through one of the following self-services below.

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Member Access

You can access your accounts online through Member Access and carry out account transactions and maintenance services that you conduct in a branch. Also, you can send a secure message through your Member Access account. So, you have to sign in to your existing online services or Enroll in Member Access to start using SECU online services.

Mobile Access

On your mobile device, sign in to your existing online services through our mobile site.

Mobile App

You should download the mobile app to manage your existing online services anytime and anywhere. The app provides more convenient access to the products and services you already use virtually anywhere.


What Extra Products and Services Does SECU Offer?

Members of SECU also have access to its loan products, insurance, and annuity offerings, financial advisory, and tax services.

Who is Eligible to Become a SECU Member?

Just like it was stated above, you or an immediate relative must be an employee of the State of North Carolina (or a federal employee assigned to N.C.), or an employee in specific departments of county-level governments inside of N.C.

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