TCL TV Remote not Working – Fix Issue

I know how frustrating it is when you find out your TCL TV remote control is not working. Your TV’s remote control is an essential part of your TV, so you must fix it when it gets bad. This article will enable you to fix your TV remote when it gets bad.

TCL TV Remote not Working - Fix Issue

But this article is specifically for TCL TV. So, if you have a TCL TV remote that is not working stay on this page to learn how you can fix it.

TCL TV Remote not Working

If you have experienced the issue with your TCL TV remote not working, you don’t have to panic. You just need to know how you can fix the issue. There are different options that will help you out, you will have to ensure that;

  • There is an open path between your remote control and the remote sensor in front of your TV.
  • The remote is aimed directly and at a close distance.
  • Batteries in the remote are installed correctly. Check if the batteries are installed incorrectly, or you can replace all batteries.
  • You reset the remote by removing the batteries and pressing number 1 for 60 seconds, then re-installing the batteries back.

If you carry out all these checks, your remote control will be able to work perfectly fine without you fixing it.

Fix TCL TV Remote not Working Properly

The first step to take before fixing the TCL ruko TV remote not working is to check if the fault is from the remote or your TV.

If the fault is from the TV, you will have to fix your TV, and if it is from your remote, follow these steps to fix your remote control.

Restart your Television and your Remote Control

To fix your TCL TV remote not working, you will have to restart your television and your remote. Here is how to do so.

  • First, bring out the batteries from your remote.
  • Then press the TV’s power button.
  • Wait at least 60 seconds.
  • Then restart your television.
  • You will have to replace the batteries in the remote when the logo appears.

These steps will enable you to fix your remote control.

Turn on Your TCL TV without a Remote Control

Do you know you can turn on your TCL TV without a remote control? It is possible to do so. So, when your remote control is faulty, you do not have to fret, you can always turn in your TCL TV without a remote control.

Some TCL TVs have power buttons on the rear. This power button allows you to turn on the TV without a remote. If there is a vertical arrangement of these buttons, then the power button is at the bottom.

When the controls are in a circle, the power button is in the middle. It is also possible to download a remote-control program and use it to operate your TCL TV.

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