What is Tubidy? www.tubidy.com Website

What is Tubidy?

Tubidy is an online entertainment platform; it offers users free mp3 music or songs and mp4 videos to download. It also allows you to listen to your favorite music, songs or watch your favorite music videos online.

What is Tubidy

The official website URL for the Tubidy’s site is www.tubidy.com, which was the first domain it was known for. Although it has other domain URLs which the website and its files have been hosted under. Currently, the Tubidy’s platform I hosted on the domain URL www.tubidy.mobi.

The _Tubidy mobi website is completely free; you don’t need to pay any cash to make use of it. It gives users unlimited access to listen to and download mp3 music and songs at no cost.

What’s on the Tubidy Website?

_Tubidy offers amazing things to its users, both old and newly visited once. You will find entertainment when you access the Tubidy’s website. Below is what you will find on the platform;

  1. Mp3 Music
  2. Mp4 Videos
  3. Search Bar
  4. Top Videos
  5. Top searches
  6. My Recently Viewed
  7. My Account
  8. Sign up/Login
  9. My Playlists
  10. My Stats
  11. Upload

Tubidy Mp3 Music or Songs Download

On Tubidy, you will find thousands of music or songs to listen to online or download offline to play anytime. Any of your favorite old or newly released music or songs you want to listen to, just access the Tubidy website, you will find them. All trending, hot, and newly released mp3 music or songs, are showcased on the front page of the Tubidy’s website for users to easily find them.

Tubidy Mp4 Video Download

After you must have listened to the audio of any music or song, you might want to watch the action part where the artist dance or demonstrate to his or her published track. Tubidy allows you to download the Mp4 video of your favorite Mp3 music or songs for free.

Search Bar

With the help of the Tubidy search bar feature, you can easily find the Mp3 music or songs or the Mp4 video you want to listen to or watch online or offline. Just need to have or know the name of the mp3 or mp4 file in mind, to make use of the search box. Then type the name into the search box, and click on the search bar button. Then wait for some seconds, for it to display a list of different files based on what you have searched for.

Top Videos on Tubidy

On this section on the Tubidy website, you will find the top, trending, most-watched, and most downloaded mp4 videos.

Top Searched

When you access this section on the Tubidy website, a list of the most searched music and videos you will find. The mp3 music or songs, and mp4 videos have the highest search rate on the Tubidy site.

My Recently Viewed

If you want to find all the recently viewed music or video by you on the Tubidy platform, can make use of this section. But you need to start watching or listening to music or videos on the platform before anything will appear there.

My Account

You can have an account of the Tubidy platform, it doesn’t matter if you are an artist or a musician. Under the account section, you can do a lot of things, like get access to the very thing the Tubidy website offers to its signed-up users.

Sign up/Log in

Well, Tubidy offers users access to sign up for an account, with an email address and a password. Well the email address and password, you can use them to log in to your account when next you want to sign in.

My Playlist

You can create a playlist, and add your favorite music or songs to it, for easy access. So that when next you want to listen to does songs you don’t need to look for them again. Just open your playlist and play any fast and easy.

My Stats

You can check the activities going on via your account. The stats feature on Tubidy helps people like an artist who have their music or songs on the website; you can check out how often users have listened to their songs or played their videos on Tubidy.

Music and Video Upload

If you’re an artist, you can make use of the Tubidy’s platform, to promote your music or songs, when you make use of the upload feature. Mainly almost or I will say 95% of music or songs are uploaded on the  website by different artists.

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